YIKING: Cardio Hike and Yoga

Hiking & Fitness
YIKING: Cardio Hike and Yoga

Hiking combined with outdoor yoga adds a unique dimension to your fitness experience and yoga practice. YIKING allows the spirit to link with the natural environment. There will be instructor led yoga above the scenic Avocado Orchard with the West Loma Ridge rising along side. Views of the Pacific coastline peep through the trees at the landing (elevation gain 1640′) where we spread our mats and breathe deeply. The hike distance will be 6-7 miles, making your muscles more pliable, enhancing the yoga stretches. YIKING invokes a sense of harmony and flow, as you breathe deeply, refreshing your mind, body and spirit— all in a location with sweeping views of Irvine and the Pacific coastline.

All participants must bring a yoga mat and carry it along on the hike to the hillside yoga site. Please wear clothes comfortable to stretch in. Hiking poles and sun protection are encouraged.

Reviewing the 1-through-5 Difficulty Ratings will help you evaluate your readiness to participate in this level-5 activity on the land.

Activity Details Led by IRC

Sunday, January 21, 2018
8:00 am - 11:00 am
Duration (hours:minutes):
Hiking & Fitness
City of Irvine
Orchard Hills
Staging Area:
Orchard Hills Staging Area
6 miles
Elevation Change:
1800 feet
Minimum Age:
Spaces Left:
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