Buck Gully Reserve


Buck Gully Reserve is a natural, coastal canyon in the City of Newport Beach. The canyon is bounded by urbanized areas, including single-family residences, roadways, and the Pelican Hills Golf Course. The watershed draining into Buck Gully encompasses approximately 1,200 acres and includes portions of the San Joaquin foothills.

Ownership of the canyon has changed over the years from The Irvine Company, to the County, and finally the City. The City has a history of protecting, conserving and maintaining valuable open space areas that define the City’s urban form, serve as habitat for many species, and provide recreational opportunities to the public. In 2005, the City authorized the acceptance of certain scenic easements, a resource preservation easement, and fee ownership of reserve lands in Upper Buck Gully and the Newport Coast. Buck Gully is open daily from dawn to dusk, and during scheduled docent-led programs.

Buck Gully Reserve Map

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