Single-Day Volunteers

The Irvine Ranch Natural Landmarks is a biodiversity hotspot, home to many indigenous, rare and protected plants and animals. Long-term cattle grazing in the 1800s, urban development, and unnatural fire has disturbed the land’s native vegetation, introduced invasive plants, and threatened sensitive habitat. 2016-02-13_Adopt a Grassland West Loma Stewardship_Limetone Canyon Nature Preserve-2Habitat restoration re-introduces native plants with the goal of restoring degraded habitat back to its original state – in turn helping the native wildlife follow and thrive. Additionally, removing invasive weeds that steal sunlight and food from native plants directly benefits the local wildlife dependent on the ecosystem.

This stewardship of the Landmarks is possible due to the extensive collaboration among landowners and partner organizations (click the logos to the right for more information), and the continued support of public volunteers. Opportunities to volunteer on the Landmarks are available for all schedules and levels of interest – whether you’re looking for a few hours of giving back with your family or a more rugged adventure to remote restoration sites. See below for a list of single-day volunteering opportunities on the Landmarks. OC Parks also has single-day volunteering opportunities available at various regional and wilderness parks; see “Support Your Local Park” below for those programs. If you’re interested in becoming an Irvine Ranch Conservancy-Certified Volunteer, click here.

Ongoing Stewardship Programs

Click the title of each activity for more information and upcoming event dates.

2015-01-09_New Native Seed Farm First Day_Native Seed Farm-16Native Seed Farm

Activities at the Native Seed Farm vary by season, and can include planting native seedlings, weeding, and harvesting seeds from wildflowers. Click here for a list of upcoming volunteer opportunities at the farm.

2015-12-06_native plant nursery_quail hill-31Native Plant Nursery

Grow and care for native plants from seed until they’re ready to be planted at a nearby habitat. The nursery is at the City of Irvine’s Quail Hill Staging Area. Click here for a list of upcoming volunteer opportunities at the nursery.

Trail Maintenance

Managing 127 miles of trails is a big job, and the Irvine Ranch Conservancy Field Operations team relies on public volunteers for a variety of rewarding work. From repairing erosion to cutting back trailside vegetation, volunteering for trail work helps keep the trails accessible and enjoyable for everyone. Click here for a list of upcoming trail work volunteering opportunities.

Support Your Local Park

OC Parks offers single-day volunteering programs at a variety of local parks. Click the activity title below for more information and upcoming event dates.