Weekday Slow-Paced Mountain Bike Ride – Limestone Canyon

Mountain Biking
Weekday Slow-Paced Mountain Bike Ride - Limestone Canyon

Enjoy the relaxation of riding in the wilderness on empty trails and join us on this docent led mountain bike ride through Limestone Canyon. We will visit Dripping Springs which is a fern covered, year-round source of water for the local wildlife. The ride will also stop at the west viewing deck for the Sinks and will continue on Limestone Canyon Road for a more panoramic view of the Sinks.

This is a slow-paced ride designed for the beginner that has experience riding fire roads such as Limestone Canyon or Telegraph Canyon, but wants to develop their climbing and riding abilities. The ride can also be enjoyed by more advanced riders looking for a relaxed ride in a beautiful setting.

Reviewing the 1-through-5 Difficulty Ratings will help you evaluate your readiness to participate in this level-3 activity on the land. Electric Mountain Bikes of any class or type are not permitted.

The ride will start by climbing Hicks Haul Road and continues climbing on East Loma where there are a couple of short sections that may be hike-a-bike for some riders. The ride then descends the non-technical Dripping Springs single track and finishes by riding to/from the Sinks on Limestone Canyon Road. The ride will regroup and rest as needed and an opportunity will be provided for a snack break

Please note, the ride is approximately 13 miles long, with approximately 1200 feet of elevation gain. This program originates at the Augustine Staging area off Santiago Canyon Road and the entire route is in the Limestone Canyon Nature Preserve.

Activity Details Led by IRC

Friday, May 11, 2018
8:00 am - 11:30 am
Duration (hours:minutes):
Mountain Biking
OC Parks
Limestone Canyon Nature Preserve
Staging Area:
13 miles
Elevation Change:
1200 feet
Minimum Age:
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