Wilderness Access Day: Black Star Canyon

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Wilderness Access Day: Black Star Canyon

Black Star Canyon offers pleasant introductory trails for beginner hikers and families as well as challenging experiences for seasoned trail users. Designated trails are available for self-guided hiking, biking and equestrian use. A variety of trail loops offer extended exploration throughout the canyons. Take time to explore the local plant communities and beautiful scenery in easy 30-minute walks or take in 7+ miles in a strong cardio trek.

Pre-registration is not required for this event, though it is available on the website. If you need driving directions, use the online registration to receive a map and instructions for getting to the Baker Canyon Staging Area. Parking is limited on Black Star Canyon Road and carpooling is strongly recommended. You will not be required to sign-in upon arrival, though an information booth with trail maps and suggested routes will be available in the staging area.


Please note that you will be asked to adhere to the following protective measures during the activity in order to participate:

 · Arrive with all necessary equipment to keep you safe on the trail, including water, proper attire and footwear, first aid, health needs, etc.

 · Restrooms will be available, but facilities will not be sanitized for each individual.

Additionally, in an effort to respect and protect all employees, volunteers, and participants, please do not sign up or attend if you are not feeling well, exhibiting any symptoms of illness, or have been in recent contact with someone who was ill.

Participants are required to stay on designated trails at all times. In addition to being a rare and sensitive habit, the Irvine Ranch Open Space is under strict protection. There are often unseen dangers just off-trail including, but not limited to: mountain lions, poison oak, ticks, poisonous spiders, and venomous snakes. OC Parks Rangers may issue citations for visitors found off-trail so for your safety, please stay on the designated paths during your stay in Black Star Canyon. To learn more about the staging areas and activity locations, please visit our Staging Areas Playlist page.

Other Important Notes:

  • OC Park Rangers require all trails to be cleared for closure by 2:00pm.
  • No new trail users will be permitted onto the trails at least one hour prior to closing.
  • Dogs are prohibited on the Irvine Ranch Open Space. No matter how cute yours may be, by nature, dogs are predators; their presence and their lingering scent disturb the indigenous wildlife and disrupt vital routines long after a dog has left the area.
  • Minors, ages 18 and under, should be accompanied by a parent or guardian.
  • Adult mountain bikers and equestrians are requested to wear helmets. Minors are required to wear helmets per state law.
  • If you are an equestrian, there is a separate registration designated for you found at www.LetsGoOutside.org/activities and click under “Wilderness Access Day – Equestrians.” Once registered, please email info@irconservancy.org at least 72 hours prior to the event so that we may verify whether your trailer can be accommodated in our parking configuration. Trailer parking is very limited and is subject to “first come, first served.”
  • Inclement weather or fire danger will cause the program to be cancelled.

Please plan your day accordingly to all the guidelines provided.

Multi-use trail etiquette: Please Remember that bikers yield to hikers and that bikers and hikers yield to equestrians. Click here for more trail tips.

To minimize the human impact on wildlife and their habitat, there may be unannounced trail closures or the rotation of areas being open and closed. This is an adaptive management approach to accommodate both the human users and the wildlife needs.

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Saturday, July 10, 2021
8:00 am - 2:00 pm
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Black Star Canyon Wilderness Park
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